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Dr. Kirk Houston for Senior Pastor Aaron Rayburn - God is Calling!

The Sun rises over the Amazon. The mighty river. The mighty river that runs endlessly to the sea. The villagers are beginning to stir. A smoky mist rises off the water flowing some 20 to 30 feet below the level plains of Chameleon Island. It doesn't take long to spend the night in the Amazon! With the hammocks folded neatly and put away, it is time to concentrate on the work of the day.

The village dogs are hard at work barking already. The mangy critters! They are useless except to act as sentries. They give adequate warning when something dangerous slinks out of the jungle or crawls up from the river.

Everyone is watching the red and white. If he starts to eat the chickens or the eggs it will be time to take him down to the river. The mighty river. The mighty river where danger lurks around every bend.

The men of the village will be heading out to fish soon. The nets have been prepared. The fuel has been divided up to run the propeller shafts on the dugout canoes. The fishing has been good lately. Perhaps everyone will get to eat today. The waters have not begun to rise. When they do, the fishing gets tough. Much water means fish are harder to find. It's best not to think about that. The river has been good lately. The mighty river. The mighty river that generously gives at times and refrains from giving at others.

Noon finds the women of the village hard at work. It's true a man works from dawn to setting sun, but a woman's work is never done! So much to do with so little time. The government surplus of fuel makes life a little easier! Now it is possible to have power for most of the day. It's possible to cook anytime during the light of day now. If only technology could help with the cleaning, mending, washing, bathing or laundry! Soon it will be time to head down to the river. The mighty river. The mighty river that always has water in abundance for all of the village and more.
The children in the village are running, laughing and playing in the early afternoon heat. Why isn't that teacher keeping them in the classroom a little more today? Has the new teacher left already? It is so hard to get one out here from Manaus. Many stay only long enough to get a paycheck or two before they take off. Why should the teachers be any different than many of the men? Why does everyone want to get down that river? The mighty river.

The mighty river that lures away teachers, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends and sons!

Midafternoon brings the rain once again. It seems the rain is coming earlier and harder than in the years gone by. Soon, the waters will rise from the rains and the melting snow in the Andes. If they flood the homes again will everyone be able to get to safety? The chief's dad is 103 and his mother is 96. How in the world could they make it?

It is so hard to move into the rafters or to paddle the three or four miles across the river to reach higher ground. It's best not to think about crossing the river. The mighty river. The mighty river that is so kind at times yet pours out it's wrath when the floods come.

A strange wind is blowing in the early evening. There has been a buzz about a big boat on the water. Why is it this far up? What could be going on? Strange noises are coming from the path. Confusion abounds. Strange people are seen on the edge of the village. Americans! Here! Oh no! What do they want? What have they come to take from us? Where are the children? Are they safe?

Children, run! Get away! Oh no, the Americans are here with our children! Yet, the children are excited and happy.

Fear is replaced by relief. Relief is replaced by curiosity. These Americans are so strange! They all look alike, how could we possibly tell them apart? Their clothes are all new! They have all their teeth! They seem kind. The children are running and playing like never before. Wow, a new soccer ball! The village has not had one of those in quite a while! What is the strange word frequently on their lips? Who is this "Jesus"? Perhaps it is time to find out.

The Sun sets over the Amazon. The mighty river. The mighty river that is ever full of surprises. The mighty river has brought peace to Chameleon Island tonight. The hammocks are all hung in their proper places. The men, women and children of the village are drifting off into a deep and well deserved slumber. Tomorrow will be a new day. Why did these Americans come this far? Why...

The moon rises over the Amazon. The mighty river.

Brazil is calling! Will you pray?

The Amazon is calling! Will you give?

God is calling! Will you go?


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