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Family Ministries Pastor Travis Cross - On a Mountaintop and in a Valley at the Same Time

How can you be on a mountaintop and in a valley at the same time? Let me share a testimony with you.

On January 19 I had the privilege and blessing of flying to Las Vegas to be with the family of Amy Todd. Amy had already passed away by the time I arrived. Keith Brown had gone the day before and he picked me up at the airport late that night. He started telling me about how the Lord had been working through this tragedy.

The next day I got to see the Todds and the Dorseys as well as Amy's parents. What do you say to people who have just lost their wife, mom, daughter, and sister-in-law? Turns out you don't say much other than I love you and I'm praying for you. Then you let them talk as they wish to talk.

This obviously was not an ordinary trip. We did some fun things, we talked and laughed at different "Amy stories," and we grieved. We felt the prayers of our ERBC family. I don't know that I have ever felt so lifted up in prayer! We experienced the love of our brothers and sisters from Hope Church. What a joy it was to worship with them that Sunday morning. The worship service was incredible!

The Lord worked and made Himself known in so many ways during this time. He was in little things like one of Amy's favorite songs, "Oceans," playing on the radio as we drove to worship at Hope Church. He was in big things like working out an issue with Keith's flight home as we stood there in awe watching it all come together! Let's just say He was in everything! I must say that I came home a different man than when I left and that my faith was strengthened through this experience!

After such a tragedy, then you get home and see the Body of Christ, the family of ERBC, go to work! Brothers and sisters in Christ who are still hurting from the death of another beloved sister, Beth Lagrange, yet they still serve. Praying, loving, cleaning, feeding, driving, helping in any way they can. This is how the Body of Christ should look! Again, my faith was strengthened! I LOVE my ERBC family!

The valley was the death of a sister in Christ, the second in less than a month. But the mountaintop was getting to see God work in awesome and incredible ways!

On another note, I have attended funerals before that were very cold and had no hope presented. In comparison, the funerals of Beth Lagrange and Amy Todd were more like a worship service, full of praise and glory to God while at the same time full of the hope of salvation and the resurrection! They were honoring to these precious ladies but glorifying to God, which is what each of them would have wanted! The Gospel was clearly presented at both, and I pray that anyone who did not know Jesus as Savior when they came in either made that decision there or will make that decision soon!

Faithful Volunteers

We will finish out the year of Good News Club at the end of March. I praise the Lord for the many children who have accepted Christ as Savior at club this year! Please pray for us as we do follow up with all of the families.

I also praise the Lord for all of our faithful volunteers who serve each week. Each month we sing to the children and workers with birthdays during that month. In February one of the workers we sang to was Kathleen Kennedy. She is our "most senior" volunteer at a young 89 years of age! I love the picture of her that is included in the printed newsletter! I love all of our Senior Adults and everyone who helps with GNC! We could not do it without them!

Upcoming Activities

Here are some activities that you can help with or that you need to register your children for over the next couple of months!

• Easter Egg Hunt at the church on Saturday, March 31 at 11:30 a.m. Volunteers needed!
• Family Dedication Service on Sunday, May 13 (Mother's Day). Register with Ginger Hall at 244-2975, ext. 111 or email.
• 2nd Grade Camp for all current 2nd Graders June 8 - 9. $25 per person due April 15.
• Children's Camp for 3rd - 6th Graders June 19 - 22. $100 per person with $50 deposit due April 29.
• 5th Grade Boot Camp for all current 5th Graders August 5 - 6. $65 per person due April 29.
• AWANApalooza on May 6. Our last night of AWANA - helpers are needed for food and activities!

VBS will be here before you know it! Our theme this year is Game On! Here are some items you can bring in to help us out:

• Pringles chips can (any flavor – empty)
• Old jerseys or t-shirts (any sport/team/size). We would particularly like ones from ERBC or local high schools
• Any sport or team pennants (can be returned to you)
• Any old letterman jackets, trophies, or school banners (can be returned to you)
• Clothes pins (no plastic, only wood with metal "hinge")
• Mesh bags like the kind that fruit come in.
• Empty Ritz cracker/Cheese-Its/Triscuit boxes
• Empty 16 oz. water bottles with the caps
• White poster board

Please bring all items to my office.

Easter Morning Childcare Details

Please reserve a spot for your Preschool child (grandchildren, too!) no later than Wednesday, March 28! We need to know how many children to plan for during each worship service.

Also, we need volunteers to help during both services! If you can help with either service, please let us know!

You can make a reservation for childcare or volunteer to help with childcare by contacting Amy Sweeney by email or 244-2975, ext. 120. We will also have a reservation/volunteer form in the bulletins for March 18 and March 25.



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