It is our desire after a season of visiting that you become part of our church family. Part of that process is understanding who we are as a church, and that is explained in our ID Class. Here is a portion of what you will learn:

How To Connect

Step 1: Pray

Step 2:  Read the ID booklet

  • Write out your salvation testimony and sign
  • Read ERBC’s doctrinal statement (what we believe) and sign
  • Read ERBC’s Church Covenant and sign
  • Read ERBC’s statement about Believer’s Baptism

Step 4:  Schedule a interview meeting with an ERBC Pastor

  • This is not necessary for church membership but is strongly suggested.

Step 5: Schedule a date to be baptized

 Step 6: If you have completed steps 1-4 and do not need to be baptized, please feel free to present yourself for church membership at the conclusion of any worship service when an invitation is given.

Step 7:  RSVP for a Meet the Pastors Dinner (scheduled quarterly)

Step 8:  Worship the Lord by devoting yourself to going deeper in the Word, further in mission, and closer to other believers

A PDF file of ID Class materials will be available soon to give you more details on learning more about ERBC church membership. 

Please contact Angela Yeargin at 244-2975, ext. 141 or by email for more information.