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Communications/IT Specialist Barry Brown

I'm very grateful for a Southern Baptist Pastor Daddy and a Sunday School Teacher Mama that insured that every day we talked about, prayed to and read about Jesus from before the time I was born. I remember when I was around 4 years old talking to Daddy at Southside Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC, where he was at that time Associate Pastor, about "going down front of the church." He could tell I was a little too young and not completely understanding of sin and a real relationship with Jesus, so he asked me to wait a little while to make sure I understood just what Jesus did for us on the cross.

A few years later, one of Daddy's best friends, Rev. Bill Billingsley, stayed with us while he preached a revival at Northwood Baptist Church in Greer, SC, where Daddy was the Pastor. Mr. Billingsley asked my brother and I both about if we understood about  giving our lives to Jesus, and we prayed to ask the Lord to forgive us from our sin and to save us. It was a little while later before I actually made it public, but in 1974 when I was 12 years old I made a public profession of faith in Jesus. Daddy baptized several of my friends and I on Easter Sunday night, and I remember both how liberating it was to come up out of the water knowing I was going to Heaven – and how doggone cold it was going from that warm water back outside and then to the bathroom to change out of that wet robe!

I am so glad that Jesus guides me through life, and His freedom allows me to enjoy all kinds of things. I love my family (you can see in my picture that my niece and nephews have grown quite a bit since this one was taken) and I love people, so that gives me opportunities to go to all kinds of sports activities (especially if it has anything to do with the Clemson Tigers and the Dallas Cowboys), plus I enjoy playing tennis and basketball. If it's over 45 degrees I'm ready to go fishing, and if it's over 32 degrees I'm headed to the woods to go turkey or deer hunting (in season, of course). Vacations are the best when I'm near the beach, and I like four-wheeling, motorcycling, and any day when I can put the top down on my convertible.

The best part about working here at ERBC is the relationships with the Pastors and co-workers. We are like a big family, and we get along really well together. That says a LOT about any organization – if you have fractured relationships, you will have a fractured organization. I've worked in enough corporations to know what to look for in a great place to work. That's why I've been here almost 11 years now, almost twice as long as I've worked anywhere else… plus we get to overtly worship Jesus here and make Him known!

If you need to contact me, please call 864-244-2975, ext. 112 or email me. Thanks!