Registration Process:

  1. Register at Preschool Desk
  2. Complete a security sticker
  3. Take your child to their assigned room
  4. Present security sticker at pick up
  5. Beepers also provided upon request

• Sunday Morning: Offered for Birth - 4 years old (5K and up in Superstars for Sunday School and stay with parents during worship)

• Sunday Evening: Offered for Birth - 1 years old (2 years and up in AWANA)

• Wednesday Evening: Offered Birth - 3 years old (4 years and up in KREED)

Please note that all ERBC members who have children of Preschool age are asked to serve in the Nursery.

Sunday Morning Preschool Director: Amy Sweeney

Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening Preschool Leader: Kristina Joyner


For more information please contact Administrative Assistant Ginger Hall or call 864-244-2975, ext. 111.